June 11, 2016

Big Driver - The Movie

I purchased the movie Big Driver on Itunes for $3.99.  You can also get it on Amazon for the same price.  This was originally a Lifetime movie and the price led me to believe I was about to be disappointed.

It stars Maria Bello as Tess.  It also has Olympia Dukakis and Joan Jett.  The new-to-me Will Harris starred as the bad guy.

Let me tell you, this movie is worth every penny of $4 and then some.  It wasn't exactly the same as the original story by Stephen King (from Full Dark, No Stars) but it was close enough.  In fact, it scared me even more in some places than the story did....and that's saying something.

No, it's not the very best movie based on a Stephen King story ever.  The Stand or Shawshank Redemption are better, but this one had me on the edge of my seat for the full 1.5 hours and I only hope I don't have nightmares tonight!!  I give this a full ten stars.

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