May 4, 2017

Read It Again, Sam Wrap-Up

I actually completed my goal on April 24th, but I knew I had one more book and I wanted to have all the re-reads on my list before I did this post.  It's the first challenge I completed this year!!

I chose the level Feeling Nostalgic (Reread 8 books).  I re-read the following books:

1.  The Gunslinger by Stephen King
2.  The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King
3.  The Waste Lands by Stephen King
4.  Doomsday Book by Connie Willis
5.  Wizard and Glass by Stephen King
6.  The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King
7.  Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King
8.  Song of Susannah by Stephen King
9.  The Dark Tower by Stephen King

Some of these books had only been read once before (Doomsday Book  and the last three of The Dark Tower series) and one I read again for the *eleventh* time (The Gunslinger).  I enjoyed each and every book I chose for this challenge and I'm planning to do this challenge again next year!


  1. Of that list, I've only read The Doomsday Book. Connie Willis is a wonderful writer and I've read several of her books. This was my first. I've read some of the others set in the same universe - with the time travel project in Oxford - such as To Say Nothing Of The Dog, very funny, and the ones with the time travel to the war years.Also Bellwether and Passage and some of her short fiction.So, what do you think of Doomsday Book?

    1. Well, I'm still keeping it. Which means, I love The Doomsday Book. I didn't realize there were others set in the same universe. Thank you for telling me! My wish list will be longer now.


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