May 1, 2017

A to Z ~ Reflections

I made it through all of the letters this time around and without changing my theme!  It was so nice to meet new people and visit new blogs!

I was taught something new by Sue at The Great Raven.  Thanks to Sue, I now have a Followers gadget on my blog!!

I found so many great themes and posts.  My A to Z went from April Fools' Day to Zicree, with every post somehow related to books.  I think my favorite post was K ~ King.  Stephen King is just amazing!  I also really enjoyed writing O ~ One Thing.  I liked how free I felt, writing about something that means so much to me, rather than just reviewing a book or an author.

For anyone questioning whether this blogging challenge works, it does.  I usually get about 480 visitors per month, which is fine because I really just blog about books because I love doing it.  In April, it was 1,584 -- over THREE TIMES the number.  I also have six followers, which is six more than I had a month ago.  It was a wild ride.  I am glad I finished.  I'll look forward to next year.


  1. I had fun reading your entries and commenting (occasionally) when I actually knew what I was talking about (quit laughing, I know that doesn't happen very often :P). I've been sitting at my laptop trying to plan out what I'm going to be doing for the next year on my blog, all the way through next year's challenge! I finally have a momentum going and don't want to stop!

    1. Christine, I can't FIND your blog! Can you please wander over to mine with the details? Or reply here?

      Julie, pleased to have been of help, and I see you already have another follower! There will be more.

  2. I love books too but I guess your reading taste is different from mine because I couldn't read any Stephen King's novels, not really into horrors but I read 'On Writing' book and I love that one.

    congrats on finishing the challenge. have a lovely day.


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