August 11, 2011

Void Moon by Michael Connelly

Title:  Void Moon
Author:  Michael Connelly
Format:  PB
Pages:  447
Genre:  Thriller
Publisher:  Vision, 2001
ISBN-13:  978-0446609142
Series:  Stand Alone

Favorite Quote:  "Remember what you said before about there being a jinx?  It was the void moon, Cass.  That was the jinx."

Synopsis (Amazon):  In L.A. Cassie Black is another beautiful woman in a Porsche: except Cassie just did six years in prison and still has "outlaw juice" flowing in her veins. Now Cassie is returning to her old profession, taking down a money man in Vegas. But the perfect heist goes very wrong, and suddenly Cassie is on the run--with a near-psychotic Vegas "fixer" killing everyone who knew about the job. Between Cassie and the man hunting her are a few last secrets: like who really set up the job, why Cassie had to take the change, and how, in the end, it might all be a matter of the moon...

Review:  I just love finding a new author who I love.  This was a great read.  It was fast paced and thrilling, full of plot twists and unexpected turns.  Up to the end, I wasn't sure what would happen.  It was really a surprise, and a good one at that.

It's not quite on the same level as a really great Grisham thriller, but it's good, even great in some areas.  I loved the heroine, Cassidy Black, the ex-con.  I loved the bad guy, known in Vegas as the Jack of Spades.  I especially loved the fact that there was absolutely no romance in this novel, except in Cass' memories.  This was not a romance novel disguised as a thriller.  It had fast cars, lots of action and quite a few deaths.  It was a thriller.

Rating:  8 / 10

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