April 5, 2015

Sun-Runner's Fire by Melanie Rawn

Title:  Sun-Runner's Fire
Author:  Melanie Rawn
Pages:  479
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  DAW, 1990
Series:  Dragon Prince, Book 3

Synopsis:  IT BEGAN WITH THE DISCOVERY OF THE STAR SCROLL -- the last repository of forgotten spells of sorcery, the only surviving record of the ancient foe who in times past had nearly destroyed the Sunrunners and their magic. Now, as Andry, the new Sunrunner Lord of Goddess Keep, begins to master this potentially deadly knowledge, while Pol, son of High Prince Rohan, seeks to touch the minds of dragons, the long-vanquished enemy is mobilizing to strike again, drawing on forbidden lore to play an ever-shifting game of treachery and betrayal - and secretly infiltrating even the most strongly protected of citadels.

And soon, Pol, Andry, Rohan, his Sunrunner wife Sioned, and all whom they hold dear will find it hard to tell friend from foe as spell wars threaten to devastate the land - and dragons soar the skies, inexorable lured by magic's fiery call...

Review:  These books just keep getting better and better.  I keep expecting a let-down because it's so unusual to find a series that stays as good as the first all the way through, but Ms. Rawn has overdone herself.  This book is even better than the last and equal (if not better than) the first.  I simply cannot wait to read the next one.

The characters are so rich, the land so real, and the dragons so incredible that I cannot fathom what took me so long to get around to these novels.  I hope the next three are half as good as this one.  I know I won't be disappointed.

Rating:  10 / 10

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