September 27, 2015

I'll Be Watching You by Samuel M. Key

Title:  I'll Be Watching You
Author:  Samuel M. Key
Pages:  296
Genre:  Psychological Suspense / Thriller
Publisher:  Jove, 1994

Synopsis:  HER SAVIOR
Rachel Sorensen feared she would never escape the abuse of her ex-husband.  Until a passing stranger came to her rescue.  A stranger who watched her from afar.

He was a photographer and collector of beautiful things.  And Rachel was the perfect subject.  He lived only to make her happy.  And elimate those who didn't.

Once he used his camera to trap Rachel's beauty forever.  Now he wanted something more.  She owed him her life.  And tonight he will collect his debt....

Review:  The people who write the synopsis on the back of the book --- do they even read the book first?  Yes, Harry is a photographer and, certainly, he is obsessed with Rachel.  And he did kill several people who dared to behave less than perfectly towards her.  But his motives are far more deeply insane than the synopsis portrays.

See, Harry is looking for the lost Goddess of Beauty, who is lost somewhere on Earth, trapped in a human woman's body.  And only Harry can set the Goddess free.  His camera and his stalking are only foreplay, to be very sure that the woman in question is beautiful enough to possibly be the Goddess in disguise.  His real mission is, once he's found a possible candidate, to stab her to see if she bleeds blood or light.  Light being, of course, the trapped Goddess.  Makes perfect sense to Harry.

There was no Otherworldly stuff going on in this story.  An insane psychopath, a haunted woman and a camera all add up to an incredible, realistic, believable suspense novel.  Great book.  I loved it and couldn't put it down.

Rating:  9.5 / 10

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