September 6, 2015

Tymora's Luck by Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb

Title:  Tymora's Luck
Author:  Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb
Pages:  315
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  TSR, 1997

Synopsis:  Before the Dawn Cataclysm, Moander the Darkbringer corrupted Tyche, Goddess of Luck. In a desperate attempt to preserve Tyche's goodness, the gods clove her in twain, creating two daughter goddesses: Tymora, Lady Luck; and Beshaba, Lady Doom. In the eons since then, the two sisters have existed in total enmity. — Now a great power has hatched a mad scheme to re-create the goddess Tyche by reuniting Tymora and Beshaba, regardless of the potentially calamitous consequences.

In a decision fraught with godly intrigue, Joel, the Rebel Bard, priest of Finder, is chosen to uncover whoever is behind the abduction of the sister goddesses. Aided by his old allies, Holly Harrowslough and Jas, and his new friend, the kender Emilo Haversack, Joel must find a way to prevent the merger of Tymora and Beshaba before disaster overtakes the luckless Realms.

The Forgotten Realms meet Dragonlance meet Planescape in a heart-stopping adventure that spans three worlds.

Review:  Well, Emilio the Kender is back in this book, along with the characters from the first novel of this trilogy.  Some new additions were made.  This set of books were all fast reads, all had plenty of adventure and were generally just a lot of fun to read.  I needed some easy-to-read Fantasy and this was just the ticket.

At the end of the story, there was a hint that perhaps more stories about Emilio were to be written.  Unfortunately, it seems that hasn't taken place.  I'm disappointed.  I have found these two authors to be quite good and if I ever see any more of their work at a yard sale again, I wouldn't hesitate to pick them up and give them a try.

Rating:  8 / 10

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