October 21, 2015

Mystic Empire by Tracy & Laura Hickman

Title:  Mystic Empire
Author:  Tracy & Laura Hickman
Pages:  474
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  Warner Books, 2006
"It is your gift," comes the voice from the stars.  "It is for you to know and to see.  It is up to your own wisdom how you use this sight -- for the greatest road is never the easiest, and few would take it if they knew the price of the way."
Synopsis:  Eighty Years have passed since the Mystics founded Calsandria, and now their nation is mired in politics and bloodlines. A woman with no magic, Theona Conlan leads the desperate search for the missing Prince of House Arvad. In the faery realm, Dwynwyn learns that slave creatures are mastering a magic that threatens the fragile peace between the faeries and their enemies. And while the goblin Lunid builds a device to reach across worlds, her masters plot to use it for their own dark ends. But unknown to them all, the gates between realities are about to burst open and plunge humans, faeries, and goblins into a war that can be won only with an undiscovered magic...

One that will unite--or destroy--three worlds.

Review:  Well, this was a great trilogy, there is no doubt about that.  But the binding (and possibly ending) of the three worlds hasn't taken place at the end of this, the last book.  The worlds now know that the others exist.  Many of the faeries have moved to the human world.  The goblins have attacked the human world but were not successful in the invasion.

Meanwhile, Theona, a great-granddaughter of some of the original mystics, is seeing visions of a dark and bleak future that only she can see.  And only she can choose the path that will cause the least amount of destruction.

I wasn't exactly pleased with the ending.  It seemed unfinished.  I wanted to see what happened next, but there is no next forthcoming.  I'd give it a lesser rating because I feel a little gypped, but the fact is that I loved it.  I'm just sorry I'll never know how it all ends up.

Rating:  9 / 10

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