October 29, 2015

Gil's All Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez

Title:  Gil's All Fright Diner
Author:  A. Lee Martinez
Pages:  268
Genre:  Comedy Horror
Publisher:  Tom Doherty Associates, 2005
"Hector has a theory on it. Calls it the law of 'Anomalous Phenomena Attraction.'  He explained it to me once.  Didn't really pay close attention, but it boils down to 'weird shit pulls in more weird shit'."
Synopsis:  Welcome to Gil’s All Night Diner, where zombie attacks are a regular occurrence and you never know what might be lurking in the freezer. . . .Duke and Earl are just passing through Rockwood county in their pick-up truck when they stop at the diner for a quick bite to eat. They aren’t planning to stick around--until Loretta, the eatery’s owner, offers them one hundred dollars to take care of her zombie problem. Given that Duke is a werewolf and Earl’s a vampire, this looks right up their alley.  But the shambling dead are just the tip of a particularly spiky iceberg. Seems someone’s out to drive Loretta from the diner, and more than willing to raise a little hell on earth if that’s what it takes. Before Duke and Earl get to the bottom of the diner’s troubles, they’ll run into such otherworldly complications as undead cattle, an amorous ghost, a jailbait sorceress, and the terrifying occult power of pig Latin.And maybe--just maybe--the End of the World, too.  Gory, sexy, and flat-out hilarious, Gil’s All Fright Diner will tickle your funny bone--before ripping it out of its socket!
His canine mind knew that on the other side of that light was a paradise of unending liver-flavored treats and things in constant need of being peed on and slow rabbits.
Review:  So far this year I've had Science Fiction Fluff and now Comedy Horror.  What a completely great, fabulous book this is.  A quick read, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  But, don't think it won't be a good story because, all jokes aside, it is a pretty darn good story too.

Between Loretta, the overweight diner owner; Earl, the scrawny vampire with an overbite and low self-esteem; Duke, the big, bulky werewolf who was a truck driver in his past life; and Tammy, the high school hottie who is practicing black magic, the cast is so completely engaging!  Add to them, Cathy, the ghost who falls in love with Earl, and Chad, Tammy's hormone-crazed boyfriend, and the fun just keeps coming.  My favorite character, however, was Napoleon, the ghost terrier -- he's got heart and balls in equal measure.  Toss in the fact that the end of the world is coming unless the unlikely heroes prevail, and you've got a winner.

I have had this book sitting on my shelf for ages and have avoided it because I just wasn't sure it would be good.  I was so very wrong.  I'd give it 20 stars, just for it's originality.  I will absolutely be looking for more books by this author.

Rating:  10 / 10

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