March 1, 2016

The Search by Iris Johansen

Title:  The Search
Author:  Iris Johansen
Pages:  311
Genre:  Thriller
Publisher:  Bantam Books, 2000
Series:  Eve Duncan, Book 3

Synopsis:  As part of an elite K-9 search and rescue team, Sarah Patrick and her golden retriever, Monty, have a gift for finding what no one else can.  But their latest assignment is not like the others.  This time Sarah is being forced to take part in a deadly a man who knows enough about her past to ensure her cooperation.

Billionaire Jack Logan's top-secret venture has been sabotaged, its facilities destroyed, and its handpicked staff massacred.  The sole survivor is being held for ransom.  Logan knows that the only way to save the man -- and the secrets he holds -- is to find him as soon as possible.  Sarah is furious when she is strong-armed into joining Logan on his search.  And once she takes the perilous assignment, not even Logan's promises that she and Monty will be safe may be enough to protect them.  Because a killer is devising a sadistic vengeance...and he may soon find use for Sarah.

Review:  I had read what I thought were the first 10 books of this series, only to find out I'd skipped the third one somehow.  So, once I discovered my mistake, I knew that this book would be one I'd read this year.  I love this author's stories, even though they are sometimes a more romantic than I usually like.  And I especially love her character Eve Duncan.

Eve played a minor role in this book.  Sarah and Logan and Monty were the stars of this story.  The bad guy was chillingly, delightfully bad.  The story was great, taking the characters across the world and back again, all in an effort to save lives.....and eventually themselves. But, Monty stole the show.  He and his girlfriend, Maggie, are smart and fun.

Rating:  7.5 / 10

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