June 27, 2016

Winter Moon by Dean Koontz

Title:  Winter Moon
Author:  Dean Koontz
Pages:  472
Genre:  Horror / Thriller
Publisher:  Ballantine, 1994
Series:  Stand Alone

Synopsis: DEEPEST NIGHT, MONTANA. An eerie light proclaims the arrival of a mysterious watcher in the woods. And one solitary man begins a desperate battle against something unknown - and unknowable.

BROAD DAYLIGHT, LOS ANGELES. An ordinary morning erupts in cataclysmic violence. A young family is shattered in a heartbeat.

Fate will lead this family to an isolated Montana ranch, but their sanctuary will become their worst nightmare. For there they will face a chillingly ruthless enemy, from which no one - living or dead - is safe.

Review:  I read this book in just over 24 hours.  I could not stop reading!  It was so good and had such great characters.  I have so many books by this author that I've let just sit on my shelves and I really have no excuse.  He almost never disappoints.

My only complaint is the ending.  It didn't really give an ending.  The creature might still be out there.  Humanity might still be in danger.  Stephen King does the 'leaving you hanging' ending to a horror book far better than this!  The last book by this author that I read, The Taking, tied up too nicely and this one didn't feel like it ended in any real way (which I actually prefer to 'too neat' endings!).  But, that aside, this book is horrific and thrilling and I'm not taking off points for the last few pages of the book!

Rating:  8.5 / 10

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