July 3, 2016

Mount TBR Reading Challenge Checkpoint #2

I reached my original goal (Mt. Ararat) on June 24th so I upgraded to Mt. Everest.  I've read 50 books as of today, so I'm exactly 1/2 way there -- only 14,514 miles to go!

A Case of Need by Michael Crichton and The Second Opinion by Michael Palmer are both medical thrillers.  They are both set mainly in hospitals.  The Crichton novel was the better of the two.

Blake Pierce was a brand-new author for me.  Plus, the book was in e-book format, which I almost never read.  His novel Once Gone was surprisingly good!

The Daughter of Regals and Other Tales by Stephen R. Donaldson had been on my TBR since November 22, 2007!  My only excuse is that I'm just not a huge fan of short stories, but I wish I had gotten to this one sooner.  It was very good.

My Life According to Books:
1. My Ex is/was the Prince of Darkness (Sharon Kay Penman)
2. My best friend is Unhinged (A. G. Howard)
3. Lately, at work I have to deal with the Powers That Be (Anne McCaffrey)
4. If I won the lottery, I'd find The Gate to Women's Country (Sheri S. Tepper)
5. My fashion sense went out of style One Year After (William R. Forstchen) the 80's ended.
6. My next ride will be Breathless (Dean Koontz)
7. The one I love is The Man in the High Castle (Philip K. Dick)
8. If I ruled the world, everyone would have a longer Life Expectancy (Dean Koontz)
9. When I look out my window, I see a Winter Moon (Dean Koontz)
10. The best things in life are Untamed (A. G. Howard)

My mountain climbing, book reading year is going great!

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  1. You're doing great! Congrats on meeting your initial goal and I'll see you on the top of Everest. Thanks for joining in on the check-point.


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