March 1, 2017

Blogging from A to Z - 2017

I found this blogging challenge last year and it was really a challenge for me.  I'm not great at writing.  I'm certainly not great at blogging daily.  The challenge is to blog for 26 days in April, each day for a different letter of the alphabet.  I'm still thinking about my theme, but I'm pretty sure I know what it'll be.  The rules have changed a little from last year, but I think that's a good thing.

I love this new addition especially:  Each day of the Challenge, we'll add a post with the letter of the day to the A to Z Challenge blog. When you've posted your entry to your blog, post a comment to the Challenge blog with a link to that day's post on your blog.

And I found the support and community created by this challenge to be wonderful.  I can't wait to try again!

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