April 29, 2017

Z ~ Zicree

Marc Zicree is yet another author I discovered quite by accident at the Friends of the Library book sale.  Yes, I have been very lucky with my used books from that source.  His Magic Time trilogy was magical.

I loved all three books.  You can read my reviews here:  Magic Time, Angelfire and Ghostlands.  I really only bought them because of the artwork (I'm a sucker for great cover art) and because the author's name started with that impossible-to-find letter Z, but I ended up finding out that they contained an original story that I loved.

Look for them.  Try the Friends of the Library book sale.  Or Amazon.  Or your local library.  They're worth finding.


  1. I haven't read Mark Zicree, but now that AtoZ is over I shall be looking forward to put my time into reading.
    Thanks for sharing
    Congrats! for finishing up the challenge :)
    Best wishes!

  2. Zicree's books sound fun. I'll look into them. Thank you for all the information you've shared. It was fun.

  3. Congratulations on finishing the A to Z Blog Challenge. You found some great books that I have added to my "to read" list.


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