April 25, 2017

V ~ Van Scyoc

Sydney Van Scyoc writes some of the most enchanting science fiction out there.  I've read nearly all of her stories and they are so very good.

I loved her series Sunstone Scrolls best of all.  It's one of my keepers and that is saying something.  I currently have 225 books, most never read, so keeping something I've read means I know I'll read it again some day.  If you love really good science fiction and haven't tried this author, you're missing out!


  1. I haven't read that much science fiction but I love an impassioned recommendation and you clearly think the world of these books. Popping over from the A to Z Challenge. Cheers.
    Venting #Lexicon of Leaving

  2. Thanks for the tip - it's a new one on me. I love sci-fi!

  3. I have not read Sydney Van Scyoc so thank you for introducing this author, and thank you for the link. Certainly looks like some interesting reads.

    Thanks for visiting my post V for vagina


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