Title Fight Challenge √

Title Fight Reading Challenge 2016
Hosted by The Bookshelf Gargoyle
Completed December 2, 2016

* Challengees must read at least one book from each category (listed below).  Challengees must read a DIFFERENT book for each category – even if your book title might fit a number of categories, it will only count towards a single category.  Challengees are free to choose which category best suits.

* Books selected can be from any genre and aimed at any age group.  Picture books, anthologies, nonfiction, graphic novels and audiobooks are all okay to include.

* The categories listed are a loose guide and creative interpretation of the categories is not only encouraged, but applauded.

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The Categories

1. A book with something related to fighting in the title:  Joust by Mercedes Lackey

2. A book with someone’s title in the title:  Prince of Darkness by Sharon Kay Penman

3. A book with onomatopoeia in the title:  Ticktock by Dean Koontz

4.  A book with an object you might find in a boxing gym in the title:  A Gift of Ice by James Dashner

5. A book with an injury:  The Mangler from Stephen King Goes To The Movies by Stephen King

6.  A book with an emotion in the title:  Desolation Angels by James Axler

7.  A book with a word or phrase implying victory in the title:  The Conqueror Worm - see Daughter of Regals and Other Tales by Stephen R. Donaldson

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