March 10, 2011

The Elves of Cintra by Terry Brooks

Title:  The Elves of Cintra
Author:  Terry Brooks
Format:  HC
Pages:  373
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  Orbit, 2007
ISBN-13:  978-1841495743
Series:  Shannara, Book 19

Favorite Quote:  -You are indeed Chosen.  You are the one.  You have the magic inside you, your past and your future.  You have the gift.-

Synopsis (Amazon):  Across the ruined landscape that is America–hopelessly poisoned, plague-ridden, burned, and besieged by demon armies bent on exterminating all mortal life–two pilgrims have been summoned to serve the embattled cause of good. Logan Tom has journeyed to desolate Seattle to protect a ragged band of street urchins and the being known as “the gypsy morph,” who is both mortal and magical, and destined to save mankind unless he is destroyed. Likewise, Angel Perez has her own quest, one that will take her from the wreckage of Los Angeles to a distant, secret place untouched by the horrors of the nationwide blight–a place where the race of Elves has dwelled since before man existed. But close behind these lone Knights of the Word swarm the ravening forces of the Void.

As the menacing thunder of war drums heralds the arrival of the demons and their brutal minions in Seattle, the young survivors who call themselves the Ghosts are forced to brave the dangerous world of gangs, mutants, and worse to escape the invasion. And Logan Tom must infiltrate a refugee compound to rescue Hawk, the leader of the street urchins, who has yet to learn the truth about who and what he is. Meanwhile, Angel Perez has joined an equally urgent mission: to find the Ellcrys, a fabled talisman crucial to protecting the Elven realm against an influx of unspeakable evil from the dread dimension known as the Forbidding. But Angel and her Elf allies must beware–for a demon spy, with a monstrous creature at its command, walks among them.

As the legions of darkness draw the noose tighter, and the time of confrontation draws near, those chosen to defend the soul of the world must draw their battle lines and prepare to fight with, and for, their lives. If they fail, humanity falls.

Review:  Give me a good story and I'm happy.  Better yet, give me a good story with Elves in it.  I have a true love of Elves.  This book is great, part of it telling of the Elves before the world of the Four Lands, the rest recounting the trials of the Ghosts, the children from the last novel.

There are two Knights of the Word, Angel Perez and Logan Tom, both different and yet keeping the same faith with the Word.  Actually, there are three, if you count the Knight who has completely lost his way, Krilka Koos.  The demons are fierce, strong and terrifying.  The people are almost without hope.

But, the children, the ones I was so fond of in the last book, are taking on a quest for new hope, for the Promised Land.  One of the children, Squirrel, is lost along the way, but the rest persevere.  Hawk has discovered his destiny.  The Elf boy, Kirisin, has discovered his as well.  Somehow, these two young men must find each other so that the Four Lands can come to be.  This book was *almost* as good as the last one.  I'm going to start using .5's because it really is better than just a 4.  I've already started the final book of this trilogy.  I can't wait to see what happens next.

Rating:  4.5 / 5

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