December 7, 2015

The Coelura by Anne McCaffrey

Title:  The Coelura
Author:  Anne McCaffrey
Pages:  165
Genre:  Science Fiction / Romance
Publisher:  TOR Books, 1987

Synopsis:  Casting aside her duty as the heir to the Ambassador of her world, Lady Caissa refuses to marry a man she despises and flees into the Forbidden Zone, where she meets a handsome injured man and sets a world-changing series of events in motion

Review:  This is a repeat of an oft-told tale, only this time it's told on another planet.  Beautiful, self-centered princess goes somewhere forbidden and meets a mysterious, handsome man.  She immediately falls in love with him, only to find out later he is actually a prince.  The twist?  The Coelura, a species native to the planet, is in jeopardy and the prince and princess must save getting married.  Ugh.

I love Anne McCaffrey and when she does Science Fiction or Fantasy, she is one of the best.  She is the original Mother of Dragons.  I just have so little patience for romance, especially an unlikely and silly romance between two characters that barely know each other.  This was a thankfully short and quick read.  It had really nice pen and ink illustrations, which were one of the saving graces for this book.  The society was somewhat interesting, if a bit too worried about fashion and appearances.  It will not go anywhere near the top of my list of great tales.

Rating:  2 / 10

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