May 9, 2016

A to Z ~ Reflections

When I started out, I was going to write about fantastic beings I'd met in books and movies.  By the letter 'H', I realized two things.  One, I didn't love my theme and two, I was getting very little feedback.  I was burnt out and disappointed in myself.

I decided to stop, drop out and call it a day.  Then, one awesome visitor came by with a suggestion I couldn't resist ~ thanks, Alyssa!  After missing 'I' and 'J', I came back and wrote 'K' about my almost-meltdown.  I was determined to try again.  Starting with 'L', I spotlighted favorite books of mine (and a couple of authors that I couldn't resist).

So, I went from A is for Aslan to Z is for The Zero Game.  I skipped two letters, but I made it.  I still didn't get many people visiting, but the difference is that I loved what I was writing about and, at the end of the day, that's what matters.


  1. Well done on getting back on track and finishing the challenge :) I totally agree with you - you have to enjoy what you're writing about!

  2. Oh I am so glad to see this! I didn't even have a theme when I started. But one sort of evolved as I went along. Just goes to show, we never know when a random comment will make all the difference to someone else. Props to Alyssa for taking the time, and to you for strengthening your resolve.


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