April 13, 2016

K ~ Krazy Temper

My theme was supposed to be about fantastical creatures I'd met in books and movies, but last Saturday I had a krazy fit of temper and deleted all the posts had ready for the rest of the challenge -- all the letters I through Z.  The theme was all wrong for me and I felt completely out of my league.  But now, thanks to the kind support from Calen at Impromptu Promptlings and Alyssa at Inkscribes, I'm going to try again.

I have no pre-done posts.  I have no game plan, except the one Alyssa suggested.  I'm going to try spotlighting a book for each letter.  I'm not sure I'll manage all of the letters with books but I'll sure try.  If not, I'll try for an author's name.  If not, I'll just write about whatever comes to mind.

Maybe I'll earn that survivors badge yet!


  1. I'm glad you're sticking with it and I can't wait to read what you come up with. I think keeping the blog posts a little shorter helps. I only had 7 blogs premade for the challenge, all the others are being written as I go. It's definitely a challenge. Keep going. ^_^

  2. I have done this on previous years during the challenge. Sometimes a theme just doesn't work.

    @magickislife from My Creatively Random Life

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one, then. Thanks for visiting!


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