April 5, 2016

Sanctuary by Mercedes Lackey

Title:  Sanctuary
Author:  Mercedes Lackey
Pages:  306
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  DAW, 2005
Series:  The Dragon Jousters, Book 3

Synopsis:  In the third novel of the best-selling Dragon Jousters series, The Altan serf Vetch has escaped the enemy kingdom of Tia, only to find his homeland, Alta, enslaved by the evil Priest-Kings. With a small band of followers, Vetch must gather a secret army of dragon riders to rid their world of war and magical domination once and for all.

Review:  Kiron has come into his own.  He and his friends must save Alta and Tia from the mages who want to live forever -- and use other people's deaths to do so.  Kiron and his group have found an old city in the desert and they have called it Sanctuary.

Now, they are welcoming everyone who makes the journey, Altans and Tians alike.  They are raising dragons and they are going to fight for their right to be free from fear.

This story was not a quick read by any means.  There was so much going on and so many people involved that it took me a week to read it.  Still, it was well worth the time.  Ms. Lackey writes with such believability that I couldn't help but be drawn in.

I cannot imagine why I waited so long to read this series.  It is some of the best, most engaging, and most realistic fantasy I've read.

Rating:  9 / 10

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