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Alan, Kim; Mission: X
Anderson, Jack; Zero Time
Anderson, Kevin J.; The X-Files: Ruins
Andrews, V.C.; Flowers in the Attic
Andrews, V.C.; If There Be Thorns
Andrews, V.C.; Petals on the Wind
Andrews, V.C.; Seeds of Yesterday
Anthony, Piers; Through the Ice
Axler, James; Arcadian's Asylum
Axler, James; Baptism of Rage
Axler, James; Blood Harvest
Axler, James; Blood Red Tide
Axler, James; Crimson Waters
Axler, James; Chrono Spasm
Axler, James; Dark Fathoms
Axler, James; Desolation Angels
Axler, James; Doom Helix
Axler, James; Downrigger Drift
Axler, James; End Day
Axler, James; End Program
Axler, James; Forbidden Trespass
Axler, James; Hanging Judge
Axler, James; Haven's Blight
Axler, James; Hell Road Warriors
Axler, James; Hive Invasion
Axler, James; Lost Gates
Axler, James; Moonfeast
Axler, James; Motherlode
Axler, James; Nemesis
Axler, James; No Man's Land
Axler, James; Palaces of Light
Axler, James; Perception Fault
Axler, James; Playfair's Axiom
Axler, James; Polestar Omega
Axler, James; Prodigal's Return
Axler, James; Sins of Honor
Axler, James; Siren Song
Axler, James; Storm Breakers
Axler, James; Tainted Cascade
Axler, James; Wretched Earth

Baratz-Logsted, Lauren; Z
Barker, Clive; Cabal
Barker, Clive; The Great and Secret Show
Barker, Clive; Sacrament
Barker, Clive; The Thief of Always
Barker, Clive; Weaveworld
Barron, T.A.; Child of the Dark Prophecy
Barry, Dave; Big Trouble
Bebb, Willaim; Valley of Death, Zombie Trailer Park
Bebb, William; Zombies and Other Unpleasant Things
Biank, Tanya; Army Wives
Billings, Patrick; The Quiet
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; Ancestors of Avalon
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; The Colors of Space
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; Dark Satanic
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; The Fall of Atlantis
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; Firebrand
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; Forest House
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; The House Between the Worlds
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; Hunters of the Red Moon
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; The Inheritor
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; Lady of Avalon
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; Priestess of Avalon
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; Ravens of Avalon
Bradley, Marion Zimmer, The Ruins of Isis
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; Sword of Avalon
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; Tiger Burning Bright
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; Witch Hill
Broderick, Damien; The White Abacus
Brooks, Terry; Angel Fire East
Brooks, Terry; Antrax
Brooks, Terry; Armageddon's Children
Brooks, Terry; Bearers of the Black Staff
Brooks, Terry; The Druid of Shannara
Brooks, Terry; The Elf Queen of Shannara
Brooks, Terry; The Elfstones of Shannara
Brooks, Terry; The Elves of Cintra
Brooks, Terry; First King of Shannara
Brooks, Terry; The Gypsy Morph
Brooks, Terry; Ilse Witch
Brooks, Terry; Jarka Ruus
Brooks, Terry; A Knight of the Word
Brooks, Terry; Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold!
Brooks, Terry; The Measure of Magic
Brooks, Terry; Morgawr
Brooks, Terry; Running With the Demon
Brooks, Terry; The Scions of Shannara
Brooks, Terry; Straken
Brooks, Terry; The Sword of Shannara
Brooks, Terry; The Talismans of Shannara
Brooks, Terry; Tanequil
Brooks, Terry; The Wishsong of Shannara
Brown, Dan; Digital Fortress
Brown, Sandra; Lethal
Bujold, Lois McMaster; The Spirit Ring
Burkett, Larry; Solar Flare

Canavan, Trudi; The High Lord
Canavan, Trudi; The Magicians' Guild
Canavan, Trudi; The Novice
Card, Orson Scott; Memory of Earth
Castle, Richard; Heat Wave
Charrette, Robert N.; Never Deal with a Dragon
Cherryh, C. J.; Betrayer
Cherryh, C. J.; Conspirator
Cherryh, C. J.; Deceiver
Cherryh, C. J.; Faery in Shadow
Cherryh, C. J.; Forge of Heaven
Cherryh, C. J.; Fortress of Dragons
Cherryh, C. J.; Fortress of Eagles
Cherryh, C. J.; Fortress of Ice
Cherryh, C. J.; Fortress of Owls
Cherryh, C. J.; Fortress in the Eye of Time
Cherryh, C. J.; Hammerfall
Cherryh, C. J.; Intruder
Cherryh, C. J.; Peacemaker
Cherryh, C. J.; Protector
Cherryh, C. J.; Serpent's Reach
Chima, Cinda Williams; The Dragon Heir
Chima, Cinda Williams; The Warrior Heir
Chima, Cinda Williams; The Wizard Heir
Choi, Y.R.; Kpop Club
Claremont, Chris; X-Men: The Last Stand
Clarke, Arthur C.; The City and the Stars
Clarke, Arthur C.; The Sands of Mars
Cole, Allan; The Warrior Returns
Cole, Allan & Chris Bunch; The Far Kingdoms
Cole, Allen & Chris Bunch; Kingdoms of the Night
Cole, Allen & Chris Bunch; The Warrior's Tale
Colfer, Eoin; The Arctic Incident
Colfer, Eoin; Artemis Fowl
Colfer, Eoin; The Eternity Code
Colfer, Eoin; The Opal Deception
Collins, Suzanne; Catching Fire
Collins, Suzanne; The Hunger Games
Collins, Suzanne; Mockingjay
Connelly, Michael; Void Moon
Connolly, John; The Book of Lost Things
Coppel, Alfred; Glory
Coppel, Alfred; Glory's People
Coppel, Alfred; Glory's War
Cornwell, Bernard; Enemy of God
Cornwell, Bernard; Excalibur
Cornwell, Bernard; The Winter King
Crichton, Michael; A Case of Need
Crichton, Michael; Disclosure
Crichton, Michael; The Great Train Robbery
Crichton, Michael; Next
Crichton, Michael; State of Fear
Crichton, Michael; The Terminal Man
Cronin, Justin; The Passage

Darnton, John; The Experiment
Dashner, James; The Blade of Shattered Hope
Dashner, James; The Death Cure
Dashner, James; A Door In The Woods
Dashner, James; A Gift of Ice
Dashner, James; The Hunt for Dark Infinity
Dashner, James; The Journal of Curious Letters
Dashner, James; The Kill Order
Dashner, James; The Maze Runner
Dashner, James; The Scorch Trials
Dashner, James; The Tower of Air
Dashner, James; The Void of Mist and Thunder
Dashner, James; War of the Black Curtain
Davis, Don & Jay; Sins of the Flesh
de Lint, Charles (as Samuel M. Key); Angel of Darkness
de Lint, Charles; The Dreaming Place
de Lint, Charles; Drink Down the Moon
de Lint, Charles (as Samuel M. Key); From a Whisper to a Scream
de Lint, Charles; Greenmantle
de Lint, Charles; The Harp of the Grey Rose
de Lint, Charles (as Samuel M. Key); I'll Be Watching You
de Lint, Charles; Jack the Giant Killer
de Lint, Charles; Memory & Dream
de Lint, Charles; Moonheart
de Lint, Charles; Mulengro
de Lint, Charles; Spiritwalk
de Lint, Charles; Trader
de Lint, Charles; Yarrow
Devane, Terry; Uncommon Justice
Dick, Philip K.; The Man in the High Castle
Donaldson, Stephen R.; Against All Things Ending
Donaldson, Stephen R.; Daughter of Regals and Other Tales
Donaldson, Stephen R.; Fatal Revenant
Donaldson, Stephen R.; Gilden-Fire
Donaldson, Stephen R.; The Illearth War
Donaldson, Stephen R.; The Last Dark
Donaldson, Stephen R.; Lord Foul's Bane
Donaldson, Stephen R.; The One Tree
Donaldson, Stephen R.; The Power That Preserves
Donaldson, Stephen R.; The Runes of the Earth
Donaldson, Stephen R.; The White Gold Wielder
Donaldson, Stephen R.; The Wounded Land
Donohue, Keith; The Stolen Child
Duncan, Dave; Children of Chaos
Duncan, Dave; Mother of Lies
DuPrau, Jeanne; The City of Ember
DuPrau, Jeanne; The Diamond of Darkhold
DuPrau, Jeanne; The People of Sparks
DuPrau, Jeanne; The Prophet of Yonwood

Eddings, David & Leigh; The Elder Gods
Eddings, David; Pawn of Prophecy
Ellis, David; Jury of One
Erskine, Barbara; House of Echoes

Flanagan, John; The Ruins of Gorlan
Flynn, Gillian; Dark Places
Foer, Jonathan Safran; Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Forstchen, William R.; The Final Day
Forstchen, William R.; One Second After
Forstchen, William R.; One Year After
Foster, Alan Dean; Bloodhype
Foster, Alan Dean; A Call to Arms
Foster, Alan Dean; The Deluge Drivers
Foster, Alan Dean; Dirge
Foster, Alan Dean; Diuturnity's Dawn
Foster, Alan Dean; Drowning World
Foster, Alan Dean; The End of the Matter
Foster, Alan Dean; The False Mirror
Foster, Alan Dean; Flinx in Flux
Foster, Alan Dean; Flinx Transcendent
Foster, Alan Dean; Flinx's Folly
Foster, Alan Dean; For Love of Mother-Not
Foster, Alan Dean; The Howling Stones
Foster, Alan Dean; Icerigger
Foster, Alan Dean; Mid-Flinx
Foster, Alan Dean; Midworld
Foster, Alan Dean; Mission to Moulokin
Foster, Alan Dean; The Mocking Program
Foster, Alan Dean; Nor Crystal Tears
Foster, Alan Dean; Orphan Star
Foster, Alan Dean; Patrimony
Foster, Alan Dean; Phylogenesis
Foster, Alan Dean; Quofum
Foster, Alan Dean; Reunion
Foster, Alan Dean; Running From the Deity
Foster, Alan Dean; Sliding Scales
Foster, Alan Dean; The Spoils of War
Foster, Alan Dean; The Tar-Aiym Krang
Foster, Alan Dean; Trouble Magnet
Foster, Alan Dean; Voyage to the City of the Dead
Fragoso, Margaux; Tiger Tiger
Franklin, Ariana; Grave Goods
Franklin, Ariana; Mistress of the Art of Death
Franklin, Ariana; A Murderous Procession
Franklin, Ariana; The Serpent's Tale
Friedman, C. S.; This Alien Shore

Gaiman, Neil; Anansi Boys
Gaiman, Neil; The Graveyard Book
Gaiman, Neil; Interworld
Gaiman, Neil; Neverwhere
Gaiman, Neil; Stardust
Gentle, Mary; Ancient Light
Gentle, Mary; Golden Witchbreed
Gotlieb, Phyllis; Flesh and Gold
Grant, Charles; The X-Files: Goblins
Greeley, Andrew M.; The Magic Cup
Green, Anna Katharine; X Y Z: A Detective Story
Green, George Dawes; The Juror
Grisham, John; The Associate
Grisham, John; The Confession
Grisham, John; Gray Mountain
Grisham, John; The Innocent Man
Grisham, John; The King of Torts
Grisham, John; The Last Juror
Grisham, John; The Litigators
Grisham, John; The Racketeer
Grisham, John; The Street Lawyer
Grisham, John; The Summons
Grisham, John; Sycamore Row
Grisham, John; The Testament
Grossman, Lev; Codex
Gunnarsson, Thorarinn; Dragonking of Mystara
Gunnarsson, Thorarinn; Dragonlord of Mystara
Gup, Ted; A Secret Gift

Harper, Stephen T.; King's X: Visions
Harper, Steven; Dreamer
Harper, Steven; Nightmare
Harper, Steven; Offspring
Harper, Steven; Trickster
Harris, Thomas; Hannibal
Harris, Thomas; Hannibal Rising
Harris, Thomas; Red Dragon
Harris, Thomas; Silence of the Lambs
Harrison, Harry; Captive Universe
Harrison, Harry; Deathworld
Harrison, Harry; Deathworld 2
Harrison, Sydnor; Queed
Hart, John; The Last Child
Hewson, David; Solstice
Hickman, Tracy & Laura; Mystic Empire
Hickman, Tracy & Laura; Mystic Quest
Hickman, Tracy & Laura; Mystic Warrior
Hill, Joe; Heart-Shaped Box
Hill, Joe; Horns
Hobb, Robin; Assassin's Apprentice
Hobb, Robin; Assassin's Quest
Hobb, Robin; Royal Assassin
Hosseini, Khaled; A Thousand Splendid Suns
Hosseini, Khaled; And the Mountains Echoed
Howard, A. G.; Ensnared
Howard, A. G.; Splintered
Howard, A. G.; Unhinged
Howard, A. G.; Untamed

Ing, Dean; The Ransom of Black Stealth One
Ingrid, Charles; Celestial Hit List
Ingrid, Charles; Lasertown Blues
Ingrid, Charles; The Marked Man
Ingrid, Charles; Solar Kill

Jacques, Brian; Castaways of the Flying Dutchman
Jessop, Carolyn; Escape
Johansen, Iris; And Then You Die
Johansen, Iris; Eight Days to Live
Johansen, Iris; Final Target
Johansen, Iris; No One to Trust
Johansen, Iris; On the Run
Johansen, Iris; The Search
Johansen, Iris; The Ugly Duckling
Jordan, Robert; The Eye of the World
Jordan, Robert; New Spring

Keene, Brian; The Rising
Kellogg, Marjorie B.; Book of Air
Kellogg, Marjorie B.; Book of Earth
Kellogg, Marjorie B.; Book of Fire
Kellogg, Marjorie B.; Book of Water
King, Stephen; 11/22/63
King, Stephen; Blaze
King, Stephen; Blockade Billy
King, Stephen; The Dark Tower
King, Stephen; Doctor Sleep
King, Stephen; The Drawing of the Three
King, Stephen; Full Dark, No Stars
King, Stephen; The Gunslinger
King, Stephen; The Gunslinger
King, Stephen; Joyland
King, Stephen; On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
King, Stephen; Revival
King, Stephen; Song of Susannah
King, Stephen; Stephen King Goes To The Movies
King, Stephen; Under the Dome
King, Stephen; The Waste Lands
King, Stephen; The Wind Through the Keyhole
King, Stephen; Wizard and Glass
King, Stephen and Farris, John; Transgressions, Vol. 2
Kinsella, W. P.; Shoeless Joe
Klavan, Andrew; The Uncanny
Klein, Joe; Primary Colors
Koontz, Dean; 77 Shadow Street
Koontz, Dean; Breathless
Koontz, Dean; By the Light of the Moon
Koontz, Dean; Cold Fire
Koontz, Dean; Dark Rivers of the Heart
Koontz, Dean; Demon Seed
Koontz, Dean; The Door to December
Koontz, Dean; The Eyes of Darkness
Koontz, Dean; The Face of Fear
Koontz, Dean; False Memory
Koontz, Dean; The Good Guy
Koontz, Dean; House of Thunder
Koontz, Dean; The Husband
Koontz, Dean; The Key to Midnight
Koontz, Dean; Life Expectancy
Koontz, Dean; Phantoms
Koontz, Dean; Shadowfires
Koontz, Dean; The Taking
Koontz, Dean; Ticktock
Koontz, Dean; The Voice of the Night
Koontz, Dean; What the Night Knows
Koontz, Dean; Winter Moon
Kube-McDowell, Michael; Empery
Kube-McDowell, Michael; Emprise
Kube-McDowell, Michael; Enigma

Lackey, Mercedes; Aerie
Lackey, Mercedes; Alta
Lackey, Mercedes; Joust
Lackey, Mercedes; Sanctuary
Laymon, Richard; Resurrection Dreams
Letts, Elizabeth; Family Planning
Levin, Ira; Rosemary's Baby
Levin, Ira; Son of Rosemary
Lindsay, Jeff; Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Lindsay, Jeff; Dearly Devoted Dexter
Lindsay, Jeff; Dexter By Design
Lindsay, Jeff; Dexter In the Dark
Lindsay, Jeff; Dexter Is Delicious
Lindsay, Joan; Picnic at Hanging Rock
Little, Bentley; The Walking
Lucas, George & Chris Claremont; Shadow Moon

MacAvoy, R.A.; Damiano
Mackay, Scott; Phytosphere
MacPhail, Don; X-Factor
Martin, Lee; The Bright Forever
Martin, Thomas K.; The Awakening
Martin, Thomas K.; The House of Bairn
Martin, Thomas K.; The Time of Madness
Martinez, A. Lee; Gil's All Fright Diner
Masterton, Graham; Innocent Blood
McAllister, M.I.; Urchin and the Heartstone
McAllister, M.I.; Urchin of the Riding Stars
McCaffrey, Anne; The Coelura
McCaffrey, Anne; Crisis on Doona
McCaffrey, Anne; Decision at Doona
McCaffrey, Anne; A Gift of Dragons
McCaffrey, Anne; Nimisha's Ship
McCaffrey, Anne; Restoree
McCaffrey, Anne & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough; Power Lines
McCaffrey, Anne & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough; Power Play
McCaffrey, Anne & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough; Powers That Be
McCaffrey, Anne & Todd; Dragon's Time
McCaffrey, Anne & Todd; Sky Dragons
McKiernan, Dennis L.; Once Upon a Summer Day
McKiernan, Dennis L.; Once Upon a Winter's Night
McKiernan, Dennis L.; Once Upon an Autumn Eve
McKillip, Patricia A.; The Riddle-Master of Hed
Meltzer, Brad; The Inner Circle
Meltzer, Brad; The Tenth Justice
Meltzer, Brad; The Zero Game
Moorcock, Micheal; The Bull and the Spear
Moorcock, Michael; The History of the Runestaff
Moorcock, Michael; The Jewel in the Skull
Moorcock, Micheal; The King of the Swords
Moorcock, Michael; The Knight of the Swords
Moorcock, Micheal; The Oak and the Ram
Moorcock, Micheal; The Queen of the Swords
Moorcock, Micheal; The Sword and the Stallion
Moorcock, Michael; The War Hound and the World's Pain
Mosse, Kate; Labyrinth

Neggers, Carla; Abandon
Ness, Patrick; The Ask and the Answer
Ness, Patrick; The Knife of Never Letting Go
Ness, Patrick; Monsters of Men
Ness, Patrick; The New World
Ness, Patrick; Snowscape
Ness, Patrick; The Wide, Wide Sea
Neville, Katherine; The Magic Circle
Niles, Douglas; Fistandantilus Reborn
Niven, Larry and Jerry Pournelle; Lucifer's Hammer
Nix, Garth; Mister Monday
Noble, Diane, The Veil
Novak, Kate & Jeff Grubb; Finder's Bane
Novak, Kate & Jeff Grubb; Tymora's Luck

O'Leary, Patrick; Door Number Three
Ondaatje, Michael; The English Patient

Palmer, Michael; The Second Opinion
Park, Paul; Celestis
Patterson, James; The Quickie
Patterson, James; You've Been Warned
Penman, Sharon Kay; Prince of Darkness
Perdue, Lewis; Slatewiper
Picoult, Jodi; Handle With Care
Picoult, Jodi; House Rules
Picoult, Jodi; Leaving Time
Picoult, Jodi; Lone Wolf
Picoult, Jodi; Mercy
Picoult, Jodi; My Sister's Keeper
Picoult, Jodi; Nineteen Minutes
Picoult, Jodi; The Pact
Picoult, Jodi; Picture Perfect
Picoult, Jodi; Salem Falls
Picoult, Jodi; Sing You Home
Picoult, Jodi; The Storyteller
Picoult, Jodi; The Tenth Circle
Picoult, Jodi & Samantha Van Leer; Between the Lines
Picoult, Jodi & Samantha Van Leer; Off the Page
Pierce, Blake; Once Gone
Pierce, Meredith Ann; Birth of the Firebringer
Pierce, Meredith Ann; Dark Moon
Pierce, Meredith Ann; The Son of Summer Stars
Pinborough, Sarah; The Taken
Preston, Douglas; Monster of Florence
Pupek, Jayne; Tomato Girl

Quick, Amanda; Wait Until Midnight
Quinn, Tara Taylor; Where the Road Ends
Quinnell, A.J.; The Blue Ring

Rawn, Melanie; Dragon Prince
Rawn, Melanie; The Dragon Token
Rawn, Melanie; Skybowl
Rawn, Melanie; The Star Scroll
Rawn, Melanie; Stronghold
Rawn, Melanie; Sun-Runner's Fire
Reeves-Stevens, Garfield; Nighteyes
Reichs, Kathy; Déjà Dead
Rhodes, Daniel; Adversary
Rinehart, Mary Roberts; The Yellow Room
Rogak, Lisa; Haunted Heart
Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor; Interest of Justice
Rowling, J. K.; Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Rowling, J. K.; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Rowling, J. K.; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Rowling, J. K.; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Rowling, J. K.; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Rowling, J. K.; Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Rowling, J. K.; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Salvatore, R. A.; Gauntlgrym
Sansom, C. J.; Dark Fire
Sansom, C. J.; Dissolution
Sansom, C. J.; Revelation
Sansom, C. J.; Sovereign
Saul, John; Black Lightning
Saul, John; The Unloved
Sebold, Alice; The Almost Moon
Sebold, Alice; Lucky
Shusta, Midge; The Youth Cup
Simak, Clifford D.; Where the Evil Dwells
Simmons, Dan; Children of the Night
Sokoloff, Alexandra; The Unseen
Stewart, Mary; The Crystal Cave
Stewart, Mary; The Hollow Hills
Stewart, Mary; The Last Enchantment
Stewart, Mary; The Prince and the Pilgrim
Stewart, Mary; The Wicked Day
Straub, Peter; Julia
Street, Bella; iRobotronic
Street, Bella; The X Factor
Street, Bella; The Z Word

Tepper, Sheri S.; Beauty
Tepper, Sheri S.; The Gate to Women's Country
Tepper, Sheri S.; Northshore
Tepper, Sheri S.; Southshore
Thomson, Amy; Through Alien Eyes
Tine, Robert; Outbreak

Uhnak, Dorothy; Codes of Betrayal
Unger, Lisa; Beautiful Lies
Unger, Lisa; Sliver of Truth
Updike, John; The Witches of Eastwick

Varley, John; Millennium
Various Authors; Darkness:  Two Decades of Modern Horror
Various Authors; Murder for Christmas: 26 Seasonal Tales of Malice
Van Scyoc, Sydney; Assignment Nor'Dyren
Van Scyoc, Sydney; Cloud-Cry
Van Scyoc, Sydney; Feather Stroke
Van Scyoc, Sydney; Star Mother
Van Scyoc, Sydney; Sunwaifs

Weir, Andy; The Martian
Weis, Margaret; Testament of the Dragon
Weis, Margaret; Dragons of Autumn Twilight
Weis, Margaret & Tracy Hickman; The Paladin of the Night
Weis, Margaret & Tracy Hickman; The Prophet of Akhran
Weis, Margaret & Tracy Hickman; The Will of the Wanderer
Williams, Tad; The Dragonbone Chair
Willis, Connie; Doomsday Book
Witcover, Paul; Tumbling After
Wurts, Janny; Keeper of the Keys
Wurts, Janny; The Master of White Storm
Wurts, Janny; Shadowfane
Wurts, Janny; Sorcerer's Legacy
Wurts, Janny; Stormwarden

Xian, Joan; Daughter of the Wind
Xinran; The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices

York, Rebecca; Killing Moon
Yorke, Margaret; Serious Intent
Young, Jim; The Face of the Deep

Zelazny, Roger; The Guns of Avalon
Zelazny, Roger; Nine Princes in Amber
Zicree, Marc; Angelfire
Zicree, Marc; Ghostlands
Zicree, Marc; Magic Time
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